Beta UniFi Access Intercom 1.x.x

  • UniFi Access Intercom 1.2.31


    • Added support for recording a short video for door unlock via a physical push-to-exit button, motion sensor, or fire panel connected to the same door.
    • Users must press Enter once they have inputted their PIN.
    • Reduced the doorbell ringing duration from continuous to three rings.
    • Broadcast “No Permission” if door unlock fails.
    • UA-Intercom will not show the Directory entrance and pressing the Doorbell button will initiate a call if admins select Direct Call method in Caller Manager.
    • Icon colors are adjusted automatically based on the background color.
    • Added a prompt for unanswered calls.


    • Fixed the issue where after rebooting the device, custom logos and backgrounds reverted to the default settings.
    • Fixed occasional UA-Intercom adoption failed issues.
    • Fixed occasional UA-Intercom offline issues.
    • Fixed an occasional issue where the UA-Intercom’s screen lagged.
    • Fixed the issue where a door could not be unlocked using NFC cards registered via UA-Intercom during Access application setup.
    • Fixed an occasional issue where the device failed to announce the greeting salutation.
    • Fixed an occasional issue where user’s profile picture was compressed and distorted.
    • Fixed the inconsistent time zone between UA-Intercom and UniFi Console.