Beta Firmware USG 4.x.xx

  • Neue Beta Firmware 4.4.55 Online.

    Einige Security Updates…e8-4e9c-b227-acec2fa17a94


    • Update dnsmasq to v2.84. Patches vulnerabilities in CVE-2020-25681, CVE-2020-25682, CVE-2020-25683, CVE-2020-25684, CVE-2020-25685, CVE-2020-25686 and CVE-2020-25687. Of these, only the ones related to DNS cache poisoning possibilities are relevant to controller-generated configurations (25684 through 25686).
    • Patch for crash in miniupnpd.
    • Missing packages added to GPL source archive.

    Additional information

    dnsmasq deprecated the crypto library currently used by USG for DNSSEC purposes. This does not impact any controller-generated configuration, and is all but unused on USG in general, but if you have DNSSEC enabled in config.gateway.json, you will need to remove that and force provision USG.

    Fritzbox UM Kabel

    USG Pro 4, USW Pro 24 Poe Gen2, US-24-250W, US-8, US-8-150W, US8-60W, 5x UAP-AC-Pro u CKG2Plus

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