UniFi Talk Application 1.xx.x

  • UniFi Talk Application 1.16.2



    UniFi Talk Application update to version 1.16.2 is available.

    We wanted to highlight some of the improvements included with this release:

    • Call Transcription: We've added the ability to create smart, searchable call transcriptions. First, enable Call Recording from Settings > Call Settings, making sure to carefully review the disclaimer text in the pop-up advisory window. Then, select an entry from the Call Log that has a recording, open the Recording tab of the side panel, and click the Generate button to transcribe the recording. Once the transcription loads, you can click on a section to jump to that point in the audio recording and search the transcription for key words and phrases. Usage is limited to 60 minutes per month per deployment while this feature is in Early Access.
    • Call Flow: You can now visualize the journey of a call from the Call Flow tab of the Call Log side panel. This shows all call activity, such as Smart Attendant selections and transfers, from start to finish for a given call.
    • Unanswered Call Handling for Groups: You can now customize how unanswered incoming calls to groups are handled. During group creation or from the configuration side panel for an existing group, use the Unanswered Calls drop-down menu to select an unanswered call handling option. Available options include:
    • Global: If global voicemail is enabled, unanswered calls will be sent to the group’s voicemail. If global voicemail is disabled, unanswered calls will be dropped.
    • Send to Voicemail: Unanswered calls will be sent to the group's voicemail.
    • Transfer to Smart Attendant: Unanswered calls will be transferred to the selected Smart Attendant.


    • Add ability to transcribe call recordings on deployments that have a paid subscription with at least one UniFi Talk number.
    • Add Call Flow feature to call logs.
    • Add ability to customize handling of unanswered incoming calls to groups.
    • Improve searching and sorting functionality across multiple pages.
    • Update country list for third-party SIP configuration.


    • Fix issue that could prevent longer email addresses from being saved.
    • Fix issue that could prevent the application from working correctly after receiving new voicemail messages.

    Additional information

    Please report any issues you encounter with this release using the Report Bug form.