UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway 1.13.6

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  • UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway 1.13.6



    * This is a rolling release, everyone will see it in the coming days.


    • Add per WAN latency reporting and WAN packet loss detection (Requires Network application version 7.2 or newer).
    • Add OpenVPN client support (Requires Network application version 7.2 or newer).
    • Add bandwidth limiting in Traffic Rules and Routes. (Requires Network application version 7.2 or newer).
    • Add load balancing support (Requires Network application version 7.2 or newer).
    • Add support for Teleport VPN (Requires a future Network application update).
    • Add MFA support and SFP speed setting in UXG-Pro WEB setup.
    • Upgrade Suricata to 6.0.5.
    • Enable Jumbo Frame support on the UXG-PRO.
    • Improve SFP link with 1G peer device when using 10G SFP modules.
    • Improve underestimated speedtest results.
    • Improve WiFiman interoperability.
    • Improve compatibility with the UACC-CM-RJ45-MG module.
    • Report AC outlet status to the Network application (requires version 7.2 or newer to correctly display the outlet status).


    • Fix issue that DHCP IP doesn't renew right after performing MAC cloning.
    • Fix issue that IPsec S2S VPN drops when Teleport client connects.
    • Fix issue that L2TP VPN may fail to configure when there is no IPv4 WAN address.
    • Fix issue that firewall rule on bridge interface could fail to apply.
    • Fix inaccurate timezone converting causing schedule issues for Scheduled Traffic Rules.

    Additional information

    Manual upgrade instructions

    SSH into your UXG-Pro and execute the following in it's shell (replace <firmware_url> with one of the download links found below):

    ubnt-upgrade <firmware_url>


    md5: 212fdf94c95999e288c99611694f234b
    sha256: 57e4aeebf2354d6328da76f4bc0b428e531d1bd10fc168798cb6f7b1ff8a60e7

    Download links


  • Hatte schon die Beta Drauf und läuft alles flawless!



  • das wird wohl erst in nem zukünftigen Controller geaddet