UniFi OS - Network Video Recorders 3.x.x

  • UniFi OS - Network Video Recorders 3.0.13



    * This is a rolling release, everyone will get it in the coming days!

    Bundled Application


    • Add Admin Activity to System Log in UniFi OS.
    • Add Storage events to System Log in UniFi OS.
    • Add Cloud connection events to System Log in UniFi OS.
    • Add support for SFP port speed configuration in UniFi OS.
    • Redesign UniFi OS Application page.
    • Upgrade Debian distribution to Bullseye.
    • Upgrade NodeJS to 16.14.2.
    • Upgrade PostgreSQL to 14.5-1.
    • Update password rules for local accounts.
    • At least 12 digits.
    • Allow having a space.
    • Only allow strong strength-level passwords.
    • Improve landing page during setup.
    • Improve UX for Config Backup Restore during setup.
    • Improve UX for creating UI.com account during setup.
    • Improve the performance of checking firmware and application updates.
    • Improve stability for direct connection.
    • Improve mechanism for detecting disk insert and remove event.
    • Prevent downgrading to firmware versions older than 3.0.9.
    • Auto-update all installed applications including non-setup applications when auto-update for applications is enabled.
    • Disable application actions during console bootup.
    • Correctly re-enable the application to match the backup state after the backup restore.
    • Check for application updates immediately after switching the Release channel.
    • Persist console invitation after a console reboot.
    • Disable the application accordingly to match the state in the backup file after restoration.
    • Disable email notification in UniFi OS for new installs. (push notifications enabled by default)
    • Monitor Disk UNC error.


    • Fix incorrect application installation status detection in UniFi OS.
    • Fix timezone validation for some cities (e.g. Kiev <=> Kyiv).
    • Fix rare kernel crash issues on the SFP+ port.
    • Fix stopped applications start-up automatically after the disk reformed or disk re-plug during runtime.
    • Fix inaccurate "Power on Hours" value for some disk models.
    • Fix the "Restore Console with a Backup File" page during setup when there is a huge number of backups.
    • Fix Throughput screen up/down arrow symbols on LCM.
    • Fix the camera live view page isn't removed after removing the camera on LCM.
    • Enable/Disable the application after updating it to match your preference.
    • Restore auto-update settings after restoring UniFi OS backup.
    • Avoid repeated application update notifications for the same version.

    Additional information

    Manual upgrade instructions

    SSH into your UNVR/UNVR-Pro and execute the following in it's shell (replace <firmware_url> with one of the download links found below):

    ubnt-systool fwupdate <firmware_url>

    UNVR Checksums

    MD5: b30360e0164d899c53548937a1eabc47
    SHA256: eafd4a7e8bd6854d8960fc9ef107fe5590c540697b434fab308de961938a5c49

    UNVR-Pro Checksums

    MD5: f805bfe15855cd5336782a9248d846ca
    SHA256: 0f9ba80c6ef8e7bd4dadbb6cf2d6df960157a5666a24002d5a4155711ba432a4

    Download links