Beta FW: AmpliFi Firmware - HD and Instant 4.x.x

  • AmpliFi Firmware - HD and Instant 4.0.0beta1


    We are removing restrictions to pair AmpliFi HD (AFi-P-HD, AFi-HD-R, AFi-G) family devices to AmpliFi Alien setups where Alien is the gateway. Before adoption, AFi-HD devices must be on 4.0.0beta1 firmware and unpaired from the previous kit.

    Manually Updating Firmware instructions

    Firmware can be manually upgraded using a firmware file through the AmpliFi web UI http://amplifi.lan/.

    1. Access the web UI update section http://amplifi.lan/sysupdate.php.

    2. Select the device you want to upgrade by clicking on it.

    3. Click on "Click to select a file" button; select a correct firmware file saved on your desktop device; click Upload.

    4. After the firmware update file has been uploaded, click on "Update now" button.

    5. The AmpliFi device will perform a firmware update and restart.


    • Removing restrictions to pair AmpliFi HD (AFi-P-HD, AFi-HD-R, AFi-G) family devices to AmpliFi Alien. *
    • IPv6 improvements
    • Minor improvements and fixes.

    * The Alien router must be the main gateway in the network. Some features like DFS channels won't work in such a configuration. Requires AFi-ALN to be on 4.0.0beta1 firmware before adoption.

    Additional information

    Please report any issues you encounter with this release by filling out this feedback form.

    To enroll in the firmware beta program please follow the instructions.

    To enroll in iOS beta program use TestFlight link.

    To enroll in Android beta program follow the instructions on Google Play store.

    Download links

    HD or Instant Router and Instant MeshPoint

    HD MeshPoint