Neue FW: UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway 3.x.x

  • UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway 3.0.7


    This release migrates the UXG-Pro to version 3.0 which offers several benefits:

    • Consistent versioning across all UniFi OS Consoles and Gateways.
    • Enhanced stability and resource efficiency.
    • Quicker, more reliable feature delivery.

    What do I need to know?

    • The update will take approximately 3 minutes, during which your network and gateway functionality will be interrupted.
    • Your UXG-Pro must be updated to 1.13.6 or newer before you apply this migration.
    • You cannot downgrade your UXG-Pro to 1.13 or older after it has been migrated to 3.0+.
    • Update via the UniFi Network application using version 7.3.80 or newer to update. Do not update via SSH.
    • All critical data will remain intact, however some advanced logging may be lost.

    Note: Any 3rd party modifications made to the OS of the gateway will be lost after the upgrade, proceed with caution if you modified your gateway's OS. We recommend to completely remove/disable these integrations prior to performing the upgrade.


    New Features

    • Added support for the Ad Blocking feature.
    • Added support for WireGuard VPN Servers.
    • Added support for OpenVPN tunnels in traffic routes.
    • Added support for DHCP Client option 77 and 90.
    • Added CoS for DHCP request supports (specific ISP requirement). Requires Network application 7.4 or newer.
    • Improved Smart Queue throughput when only one direction is limited.
    • Decreased amount of DNS traffic to the bare minimum via U-LTE when it is inactive.
    • Optimized ARP cache timeout on WANs to fix connection issues with special ISPs. Requires Network application 7.3 or newer.
    • Optimized ARP cache size for large setup.
    • Updated GeoIP Database.
    • Updated DPI Signatures.
    • Enabled DHCP IP Conflict check.


    • Fixed WAN failover issue when WAN1 is linked up but with bad health.
    • Fixed wrong power value reported by UXG to RPS.
    • Fixed spammy IGMP log issue.
    • Fixed PPPoE connection issue when IP6CP negotiation fails.
    • Fixed the issue where you may see an incorrect WAN IP on the Touchscreen.
    • Fixed prompt to update to the same version while already running that version.
    • Fixed an issue that created a gateway configuration error with unstable IPsec tunnels.
    • Fixed unable to establish a link with some GPON Modules.
    • Fixed a rare case where the 10G link gets stuck at 1G.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused RADIUS Authentication to fail.
    • Fixed unable to receive trigger notifications in the Network application.


    • Fixed unable to establish Site-to-Site VPNs using DH groups 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32.
    • Fixed IPsec Site-to-Site VPN instability when multiple Site-to-Site VPNs exist.
    • Fixed corrupted IPsec Site-to-Site VPN rx/tx counters when the number reaches to 2Gb.
    • Fixed L2TP VPN clients not appearing when using the External RADIUS server.

    Known issues

    • Site-to-Site VPN may report offline while it's actually online.

    Additional information

    • The ssh host key will be re-generated due to a new operating system.

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