UNVR Pro miteinander verbinden (Stacking)

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    Combine two UNVR Pros to increase storage and manage all of your cameras in a single UniFi Protect instance. *


    • Parent UNVR Pro running:
    • UniFi OS: Version 2.5.11 or later
    • UniFi Protect: Version 2.1.2 or later
    • A Parent UNVR Pro that is setup, and a Child UNVR Pro that is in the Ready for Setup state.

    * Upcoming versions will support:

    • Stacking more than 2 consoles of the same type.
    • Stacking UNVR.

    Getting Started

    1. Connect both consoles to the same network.
    2. Confirm that the Child UNVR Pro is Ready for Setup.
    3. Open the Parent UNVR Pro’s dashboard
    4. Wait for this notification to appear: A New UNVR Pro Was Detected
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    Other Considerations

    1. We recommend using the same storage amount on both consoles to have consistent recording retention for each camera.
    2. Cameras are auto-balanced between UNVRs during the camera adoption process.
    3. Stacked consoles will be unpaired if restored with a Cloud backup.
    4. Child UNVR Pro cameras will be factory-reset if their assigned console is unmanaged.
    5. Viewport currently doesn't support displaying videos from the child console.



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